Once upon a time, by sheer coincidence,
a stray leaf fell into simmering water and dyed it with a pale shade of amber.
The infusion caught the attention of Shennong, who then took a sip and found it refreshing, bittersweet and came with a detoxifying effect.
It then dawned on him – the leaf was a gift from the heavens for the people.
And so began the story of Chinese tea.


“Yú” translates into fine jade.
Bearing this name, and driven by our passion for exquisite teas,
we curate the finest of tea leaves for our customers.
The techniques adopted for the preparation, brewing and serving of tea today may seem simple
to the uninitiated eye. However, they are the culmination of knowledge gleaned from centuries of continual refinement. A pristine cup of tea has a calming effect on one’s mind.


At Yu Teahouse, we follow the footsteps of Shennong. By offering the finest tea leaves at our establishment, we promote a healthy regimen of tea drinking that brings wellness to our customers.